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Entrusted since 1957

Securing Your Financial Future – Entrusted since 1957

Long Term Care Insurance

Trust GEBA - To Advise On Care Options You May Need

GEBA’s Long Term Care options might help mitigate the risk of needing Long Term Care (LTC) assistance when you can no longer care for yourself. Long Term Care Insurance can help you maintain your independence and relieve financial and caregiving pressure on your family:

  • Traditional health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, do not cover long term care costs.
  • Family members may not be in a position to help.
  • Long term care can span years – and can be extremely expensive.


Choose GEBA and join almost 17,000 satisfied members of the intelligence community, broader federal workforce, the military, and their family members. Membership in GEBA is free as long as you maintain coverage.

What Does Long Term Care Cover?

Long term care benefits a person in the event he or she suffers from a prolonged physical illness, a disability, or cognitive impairment.

It is designed to help pay for assistance with daily living including bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, and taking medications over a period of months or years.

It can pay for home health care, respite care, hospice care, adult daycare, assisted living facility, or nursing home services.

This type of support is not covered by Medicare or other types of insurance.

Why Should You Buy Long Term Care Now?

Because rates are based on age and health, it’s best to start shopping for a policy when you’re younger and healthy. The ages between late 40’s to mid-60’s often makes sense. You can buy a policy at 65 or even older but expect to pay considerably more.

If you wait too long and develop health issues, you may not qualify or it may become too expensive.

How Does Long Term Care Work?

Long Term Care Insurance charges a fixed cost (premium)* to protect against the risk of much larger out-of-pocket expenses in the future. Your cost depends on several factors including age, health, and family health history. You also have the flexibility to tailor your policy to meet your needs and budget.

Traditional plans, like the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Plan, cover long term care only. These plans provide the greatest stand-alone coverage, but they don’t offer other benefits.

GEBA can help you explore all of your options including shared plans and hybrid plans.

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Choose GEBA – Securing Feds’ Financial Future Since 1957

GEBA is a nonprofit employee benefit association created by NSA employees in 1957. Our goal is to offer high quality insurance products at great prices that has our members’ best interests in mind. GEBA has been serving federal employees for over 60 years, and you can count on us to be there for you and your family.

GEBA membership is available to ALL civilian federal employees and retirees, including the military. Membership in GEBA is free and continues as long as you maintain a plan with GEBA.

If you are a Long Term Care policyholder who is being billed by the Underwriter, it is necessary to contact the Underwriter directly.

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