Securing Your Financial Future –
Entrusted since 1957

Securing Your Financial Future – Entrusted since 1957

Managed Portfolios

GEBA Wealth Management offers clients investment advisory services that can simplify your life– and help you get the most out of your investments!

Two key factors are crucial to how quickly and successfully your investments will grow over time:

  • Portfolio allocation: the percentage of dollars invested in stocks vs. bonds vs. other investments.
  • Investment selection: the specific securities purchased for your portfolio.

Managed Portfolios are model portfolios of investments that work together to help meet a specific objective at a targeted level of risk.*  They offer a broad range of mutual fund, stock, and ETF investments and are designed to help meet investors’ needs at each stage of life.

Morningstar® Managed PortfoliosSM
Through our partnership with Morningstar Investment Services LLC, we’re proud to offer Morningstar Managed Portfolios. Knowledgeable investors know Morningstar as the industry standard in investment research. These managed portfolios allow you to benefit directly from their data and insights.

Each portfolio draws on Morningstar’s world-renowned research data and analyst insight to provide innovative and well-diversified investment solutions. These portfolios are designed to achieve specific return objectives within controlled risk parameters to match a spectrum of investment objectives and market conditions.

GEBA Wealth Management Advisor-Directed Managed Portfolios 
GEBA Wealth Management has developed a series of managed portfolios that combine the diversification and cost advantages of passive (index) investing, while capitalizing on active investing opportunities in the small company, international, and alternative investment sectors. Our advisors have selected “best in class” investments in each sector and combined them into diversified portfolios with varying risk and tax dimensions. Portfolios are monitored quarterly and adjusted based on market conditions.

Your GEBA Wealth Management Financial Advisor will work with you to select the options most appropriate to your needs, goals, and risk tolerance.

*Source: Morningstar® Investment Services LLC, “Investing for You.”

Managed Portfolios

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GEBA is a nonprofit employee benefit association created by NSA employees in 1957. Our goal is to offer high quality insurance products at great prices that has our members’ best interests in mind. GEBA has been serving federal employees for over 60 years, and you can count on us to be there for you and your family.

GEBA membership is available to ALL civilian federal employees and retirees, including the military. Membership in GEBA is free and continues as long as you maintain a plan with GEBA.

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